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  Design Concept



A concept proposal for a new bridal boutique in Shanghai, which doubled as an R&D production studio. The client was looking for creative ways to utilize this unique semi-underground storefront and floorplan. The solution I proposed was a "store within a store" concept with the retail shop positioned in the center, surrounded by R&D and production studios on the 3 sides. Separately only by glass walls, both the display and production space were effectively integrated. Visitors could enter directly into the retail shop or tour the surrounding production studios. 


Design: Jessica Huang 

Bridal Boutique Display Window
Boutique Inner View
Boutique Store Front
Previous Storefront
Current Interior Space

Disclaimer: The dresses and decorative objects shown as placement images only, for the purpose of visualizing the space design, or as purchase suggestions. I do not own the copyright to the designs.

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